Presented by Elizabeth Johnson, MDDaniel Colby, MDAimee Moulin, MDDaniel Hernandez, MD, UC Davis Health Department of Emergency Medicine
During this session, the speakers will provide a tool kit on how to start your own inpatient addiction medicine consult service. They will discuss:
  • consult questions they commonly answer and services they provide
  • hours they provide consults and the urgency in which they see consults
  • how they provide value to hospital system in terms of reducing 30-day readmissions and mortality rates
  • how they incorporate residents, fellows, social workers, toxicologist and pharmacist to staff this service
  • how they navigate the intersection of opioid use disorder and pain, and
  • how this service supports DEI values 
Session Objectives:
  • Identify the need for an addiction medicine consult service at your institution.
  • Articulate how this service adds value to the hospital system and improves patient care for this vulnerable patient population.
  • Use the framework provided from this seminar to start your own addiction medicine consult service.

Virtual Learning Series, Session 3 01:00:00
Session 01:00:00

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