LIVE - 2021 Ohio Society of Addiction Medicine Annual Meeting (Up to 5.25 CME)

Addiction medicine demands a lot; as diagnosticians, pharmacologists, educators and advocates, facing questions we barely anticipated, and trying to motivate our overworked colleagues to undertake the treatment of addictions. We face an even greater challenge with the inordinate number of patients who have limited access to care due to poverty, geography, poor public health policy, gaps in the safety net and persistent stigma. How do we engage with patients who face so many obstacles? How do we preserve ourselves while we do this important work? 

The OHSAM Annual Meeting provides a unique opportunity to discuss, debate, network and build relationships with leading experts in addiction medicine. The exhibit hall is a great place to connect with colleagues and companies whose products and services are designed to help you and your patients. 

Course Details

On-Demand & Live - 2021 AAAP Addictions and Their Treatment (Up to 31.5 CME)
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