This evidence-based, referenced, online Addiction Medicine practice test is a cognitive assessment tool aimed at identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses for Addiction Medicine knowledge. It is a helpful exercise for physicians planning to take the Addiction Medicine certification examination, as well as physicians wishing to assess their knowledge in the field. As an in-training examination, it will assess the knowledge base of Addiction Medicine Fellows upon entry and periodically throughout their subspecialty training.

Review the handbook(how to access ADePT and earn credit) for steps to access the self-assessment exam. NOTE: once you are logged in you must first review the Welcome and Affirmation, then you can access ADePT (self-assessment). A checkmark will appear as you complete the necessary steps. 

CME: 24 credits


Some helpful tips:

  1. Allocate approximately 4-5 hours of time to complete ADePT. You can stop the test at any time and come back to where you left off.
  2. Treat this examination as you would at the actual testing center (minimize distractions, find a quiet place, be well rested). There is no time limit to complete the test.  
  3. ADePT contains questions from every category of the Addiction Medicine core content.
  4. When you have completed the exam and evaluation, you will be prompted to review your answers. Please be sure to click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the Review My Answers page to generate your score report.
  5. Once you re-start the test, you will need to answer each question again, not just the incorrect questions.
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